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7 stars Hotel in Dubai

1. Ultimate Hotel - BURJ AL ARAB
In other countries five star hotel is a luxurious hotel. As with the Burj Al Arab (in Indonesian 'Arab Tower') which is claimed as a seven star hotel. The hotel is located on an artificial island covering 280 square meters. Rates per room between AED 5000-20000 or equivalent to Rp. 12500000-50000000. Not including 10% tax:-d Information from the next blog to stay at this hotel, we got the message at least 1 month earlier. If you just want to eat or ngeteh + coffee, we can message a few days prior to arrival .. bussseeeeett ... ... Ow yes if ni nda hotel again full, visitors are given the service around the hotel to see how the shape of the most expensive and most luxurious hotel in the world.

The hotel has 27 floors with a height of 321 meters. At an altitude of 211 meters, there is a helicopter pad that had been transformed into a tennis court when Andre Agassi against Roger Federer in exhibition match.

Hotel construction lasted for 6 years, involving 250 designers, 9,000 tons of steel, 43,000 m² of glass, 12,000 sq brazil granite, 32,000 sq Italian mosaics, and .. and .. 15 000 m² 24 carat gold leaf. The very bottom of the hotel is a basement which is below sea level.

2.3.4. Tower / Building tallest building with a total floor + Most + fastest elevator - Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa in the Indonesian language, or his 'Tower Khalifa'. Has a height of up to 828 meters (2717 feet) high monument compared with only 132 meters. Khalifa Burj is the tallest building in the world ever made by humans. Not only the tallest building, Burj Khalifa is also the Most buildings with a total floor 160 floors.

160 floor consists of offices, luxury apartments, restaurants and hotels. Formerly called the Burj Dubai tower and again renovated by Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan with designer Giorgio Armani at a cost of $ 1.5 billion or around Rp15 trillion until finally inaugurated on January 4, 2010. Further plans will also build a mosque Armani TERrtinggi world on the floor 158 along with a swimming pool on the floor 76.

One more note TER owned this building. Burj Khalifa is satu2 building that has the world's fastest elevator, the elevator speed is 60km/jam ~ 7.16 m / s, it only takes about 50 seconds from the bottom to the top floor.

5.6. + Biggest mall largest indoor saltwater aquariums - DUBAI MALL

Contained in the Burj Dubai Mall Khalifa. Size of the building reached 55 hectares with a total area of ​​about 50x the football field. Inside the shop there are 1.200 of all local and international brand.

Here there is also the largest sea water aquarium in the world with a length of 33 meters with a height of 8.3 meters. This aquarium contains 33 000 of marine life including 400 sharks.

In addition to shops and aquarium stores, the Dubai Mall in Dubai Ice Rink there are also (indoor ski field covering the Olympics), Reel Cinemas, which is the largest cinema in Dubai with 22 studios, SEGA Republic - indoor theme park. That here there are no less beautiful Oasis Fountain Waterfall ie, dancing fountains, which begins every hour 6 pm.

7. Deepest hotel - Hydropolis Underwater HOTEL AND RESORT
Hydropolis is the resort's first underwater luxury hotel in the world. Located 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Jumeira, Dubai. Equipped with concrete and steel, plexiglas walls and curved roof making guests can see the fish and other sea creatures.

Divided into three parts, the ground stations where guests welcomed, the connecting tunnel that will bring guests to use the train to the main hotel area, and 220 suites in the complex-shaped bubbles underwater. The extent will reach 260 hectares. The hotel is considered a star 10 beat the seven-star hotels are listed one per start.

8. Largest indoor ski - SKI DUBAI
Ski Dubai is claimed to be one of the largest ski resort in the world, with an indoor ski area covering 22.5o0 square meters with a height of 85 meters. This ski resort is part of the Mall of the Emirates which is the third largest mall in the world with 6,000 tons of snow.

Every day it takes 3500 barrels of oil as the consumption of electricity generators in order to stabilize the temperature of -1 ° to -2 ° Celsius, while at night when the snow begins production this resort temperatures can reach -6 ° Celsius (just imagine the desert expanse of snow on the ground ... that's amazing .. but so very wasteful)

9.10. Billboard Top longest board +
Billboards / billboard is located in Dubailand is as high as 33 floors of the building and can be seen from a distance of 1.5 km. Billboard is the form of the composition of the world's largest LED screen that was done by perusaahan Tammer. LED screen technology that is used is the latest technology so that the building is located behind the screen is still getting natural sunlight.

If Tammer worked highest billboard in Dubai, ADRAC (advertising firm) to make the world's longest billboard with panjang1, 5 km. Billboard consists of 450 sections each measuring 10 x 2m and all of which will be the longest one on the billboard. The technology used by ADRAC is papan2 is made with recycled materials and biodegradable materials. The total cost of making this board is U.S. $ 3.2 million financed by 100 sponsors where 40 sponsors that there is a major sponsor.


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