Friday, 26 August 2011

Contact Lens studded with Diamond

Currently, contact lenses not only developed as a tool of vision goggles replacement, but also as one of the accessories of beauty enhancer. Various kinds of contact lenses in circulation, of color, cat eye, manga eyes, even contact lenses that can magnify the eye iris barbie bathtub.

However, have you ever heard of contact lenses made of diamond?

Shekhar Eye Research Center in India to make contact lenses from bertahtahkan layer of gold and diamonds. Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan, the creator, told Today that he got the idea to make contact lenses after seeing grain purchases on her teeth.

Contact lenses are priced at $ 15,000, or about Rp128 million is marketed in the LA jewelry store owned Ser. He was using 18 grains of diamonds adorn the yellow or white gold ring around the lens. In the Boston scleral lens he uses lenses are commonly used to treat eye diseases.

Chawan said that would make the 3996 package and look forward to marketing it outside India.

However, whether contact lenses are safe to use?

According to Sal Riggio, licensed optician from Manhattan Grand Optical, New York City, these contact lenses have not obtained permission from the authority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "I do not know if contact lenses are safe to use because there is no permission from the FDA. If there is already permission, maybe we'll mepelajarinya. However, this sounds silly," he was quoted Shine.

But according to him, the current generation of young people often do crazy things to their bodies even once. Like, tattoos all over his body even in the eyes, piercing, implants and even metal. "Maybe they'll try," he added.

In line with Sal Riggio, Dr. Rajesh Khanna, corneal and refractive surgeon, also doubted the safety of contact lenses. He also emphasized that the use of lens treatment is not likely intended for those who do not need it. "Moreover, the lens is thick and will thicken if sprinkled with tiny grains of diamond. It would have a high risk," he said.

However, Dr. Chawan not affected at all the criticism. According to him, his work is very worthy of use by Lady Gaga eccentric artist who can bring a positive impact on sales of contact lenses.

"People take up some of the celebrities use it,"
he said.

He also added that people will not resist a beautiful luster of eye contact lenses. "They will be amazed and can not be far from you," he said proudly.

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